ATTRACTIONS:  Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, the attractions located on the Makah Reservation such as the Cape Flattery trail, Shi Shi Beach, Tsoo- Yess Beach, Hobuck Beach, the Makah Museum , and the Makah Marina are not available at this time.

Links to local services and attractions you may enjoy during your stay at The Inn at Neah Bay


Fishing:  Neah Bay, Sekiu, and the entire Olympic Penninsula offer Washington's finest fishing opportunities.  

                   Depending on the season, Salmon, Halibut, Ling Cod, and Rockfish inhabit the waters of the Pacific

                   Ocean and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  For saltwater charters in Neah Bay and Sekiu, you can contact

                   us at  and receive a 20% discount on your lodging at The Inn at Neah Bay. 

                    For moorage at Neah Bay, contact

Whale Watching:  You can often see Gray Whales from The Inn at Neah Bay's deck or from many of the       

                   viewpoints along Scenic Highway 112 between Sekiu and Neah Bay.  You can also choose to see the

                   Whales and other marine wildlife and sights from the water.  Contact for more

                   information regarding Eco Tours.

Makah Tribe:  The Makah Tribe offers many different recreational opportunities.  Make sure to visit the Makah

                    Museum, that is located on Bayview Avenue just as you enter Neah Bay.  Go to   for more

                     information about the museum and other events including the Neah Bay Festival and Makah Days. 

Sekiu and Clallam Bay:  For more information about moorage, restaurants, and businesses in Sekiu and Clallam Bay,


Hiking:     Cape Flattery Trail  (The most NW tip of the contiguous United States):  An approximately 1/2 mile hike 

                     through the forest to a breathtaking viewpoint overlooking Tatoosh Island, rocky cliffs, sea caves, the Pacific

                    Ocean and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  

                     Shi Shi Beach:  An approximately 2 mile hike through forest to the beautiful sandy and secluded Shi Shi Beach

                     on the Pacific Ocean.  Large rock formations bookend the beach.  

                    Lake Ozette:  From the trailhead at Lake Ozette, hikers walk 3 miles (much of the trail is on a boardwalk) to

                    Cape Alava, 3 miles along the coastal beach to Sand Point, then 3 miles back through the coastal forest to the 

                     same trailhead.  

Beaches:   Hobuck Beach:  This beach is located approximately 7 miles Southwest of Neah Bay.  It is a long sandy beach                        on the Pacific Ocean.  This is a great beach for walking and has wonderful tidepools at low tide.  Waves make                        this a popular beach for surfers also.  

                            Tsoo-Yess Beach:  Located South of Hobuck Beach, this is another beautiful sandy beach for walking and 


Birdwatching:  Depending on the season, many sea birds, including Gulls, Puffins, Cormorants, Pelicans, Murre, and

                    Murrelets have been sighted along the Strait of Juan de Fuca  and from Cape Flattery.  During the fall, winter,                       and spring, hundreds of Bald Eagles are seen as this area is part of their migratory route.  




Cape Flattery, the most Northwest point of the Contiguous United States